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9"w X 42"h

Mineral Tank

How much filter media do you need?

If you need to figure out how much filtration media you need to fill a water system device or filter cartridge you can doit simply here.

Filter cartridges and exchange tanks are generally filled completely.

Automatic regenerating systems like water softeners and auto carbon systems need space to expand during backwashing. You will not want to fill these cylinders to the top.

Enter the dimensions of the cylinder in inches and we will calculate how much resin you will need and will also include other information you might need.

Width : inches
Height : inches

The chart below will show how much media you will need based on the type of media and device you are using.

Full Cylinder Volume : 1.55 cubic feet (Ft3)

Systems that back wash are never filled to the full volume. Those devices need room for the media to expand during back washing. See below for your particular device

Automatic Water Softener Systems
Quantity of media : 1.00 Ft3
Capacity = 30,137 Grains
Purchase Water Softener Resin
Activated Carbon Systems
Quantity of media : 1.00 Ft3
Flow Rate = 2 g.p.m. to 5 g.p.m.
Purchase Activated Carbon Media

Mixed Bed Deionizer Exchange Tanks
Quantity of media : 1.55 Ft3
Capacity = 15,455 Grains
Purchase Mixed Bed Deionizer Resin
How much water softener or filtration media do I need?

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