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Calgon Activated Carbons

Calgon Activated Carbons Calgon Carbon produces and sells a broad range of activated impregnated or acid washed carbons in granular powdered or pellet form. Granular Activated Carbon GAC) particles are irregular in shape and generally used in ?xed ?lter beds for continuous ?ow puri?cation processes. For the most effective chlorine reduction activated carbon should be sized to flow at 2-3 g.p.m. per cubic foot ft3 of media.

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Activated Carbon Systems

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CARBON12X40-50BOX - Calgon Carbon 1/2 Cubic Foot Box UPS Pack
More Info

Calgon Carbon 1/2 Cubic Foot Box UPS Pack

Catalog id : CARBON12X40-50BOX

Water Filtration Product
$190.16 $140.86
CARBON12X40-75BOX - Calgon Carbon 3/4 Cubic Foot Box UPS Pack
More Info

Calgon Carbon 3/4 Cubic Foot Box UPS Pack

Catalog id : CARBON12X40-75BOX

Water Filtration Product
$277.08 $205.24
Calgon Activated Carbons

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