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FLOMAG-66-BOX - Flomag .66 CF Box- UPS Pkg

Flomag .66 CF Box- UPS Pkg

Water Filtration Product

Retail Price : $219.55
Our Low Price : $162.63

By neutralizing the free carbon dioxide in water, FloMag can correct red water conditions and render it to a non-corrosive condition. FloMag, being a reactive magnesium oxide, is used most effectively where pH correction is substantial or high flow conditions are in use. FloMag, being soluble to acidity, will have to be replenished periodically. Please note, Under certain low flow conditions, corosex may overcorrect and create a basic condition. 

FloMag can be effectively combined with Calcite to combine the high flow neutralization properties of FloMag, along with the slower reacting low flow properties of Calcite reducing potentially high basic properties due to overcorrection 

Advantages: High degree of activity and speed of correction allowing high flow 

Physical Properties: Color - Grayish White Density - 100 lbs./cu. ft. Effective Size - 1.27 mm Uniformity Coefficient - 1.48 Active Material % - 84.90 Composition - MgO - 97% minimum 

Downflow service is satisfactory on waters with a hardness of less than five 5 gr./gal. Or where its combined with Calcite at least 50-50. Upflow service is generally recommended with hardness exceeding five 5 gr./gal. To prevent inchcementing of the mineral bed inch A gravel support bed is recommended. pH - 4.6 Bed Depth - 24-30 in. Backwash frequently to prevent possible cementing. Backwash Bed Expansion - 35% of bed depth Service Rate - 5-6 gpm./sq. ft. but may be modified to adapt to local conditions Backwash Rate

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  • FLOMAG-66-BOX - Flomag .66 CF Box- UPS Pkg

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